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Accessories complete every men's outfit. A scarf and a beanie are functional and also provide a stylish look. A tie and bowtie give your outfit a business or chic touch. Profuomo also has a number of luxury accessories in its collection that are of high quality, such as silk pocket squaresties and cufflinks in various materials and designs. These accessories can be used all year round and are suitable for different occasions. From a business day at the office to a festive occasion. Another essential accessory for the man is the belt. Belts provide a stylish and functional addition to the trousers and are at Profuomo made of high quality leather or polyamide. The leather of the leather belts Profuomo contains the "the leather working group" label, which means that the leather comes from environmentally friendly leather manufacturers who are certified. Besides the leather belts, the collection also includes elastic belts.

Winter accessories

The Profuomo accessories collection also contains a number of warm winter accessories. For the winter months, Profuomo has a number of beanies in different colours such as denim, camel, grey, blue and army in the collection. The beanies of Profuomo are nice to combine with the scarves of Profuomo. Profuomo scarves are available in various colours and are made of wool, which helps you get through the colder months in comfort. In addition to stylish beanies and scarves, Profuomo also has warm socks in its collection, made from cotton and wool.

Festive accessories

Accessories are essential for special occasions or holidays festive men’s outfits. Accessories such as tiesbowtiesbraces and cufflinks create a dressy and chic look. Profuomo also has a number of these high-quality accessories in its collection. Profuomo ties come in different colours and patterns like flowers, stripes and polka dots. For every occasion a suitable tie. In addition to ties, Profuomo has a number of braces in its collection that can be beautifully combined with Profuomo shirts. For special occasions like weddings, Profuomo offers exclusive cufflinks available in different designs. Our silk pocket squares, available in many different colours and patterns, can be stylishly combined with Profuomo jackets.


Profuomo's sneakers can be worn all year round and come in a variety of styles. Pair our white leather trainers with a round neck jumper and Profuomo's sportcord trousers for a timeless comfortable look. The shoe collection also includes several suede trainers in beige, grey and navy. These runners have a stylish look, but are also very comfortable because they have the comfort of a running shoe. These runners match any type of men's outfit: a business outfit and a casual outfit.