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Do you wear shirts with a double cuff? Profuomo offers a wide range of cufflinks. The collection includes cufflinks with a classic look, with gemstones like Cat's Eye or with a modern look and made from metal or epoxy. Cufflinks are worn relatively little these days due to the rise of single cuff shirts. This offers an opportunity to distinguish yourself with this classic fashion accessory. A shirt with cufflinks is expected during formal dress codes like a gala or a wedding. But nothing could be further from the truth because the cuff can be worn in every situation for that extra bit of detail.

Silver and golden cufflinks

Gold or silver-coloured cufflinks are a favourite due to the minimalist look of the accessory. Metal minimalist cufflinks are great for a business occasion and are made with attention to detail.

Cufflinks when getting married

The groom's suit is not complete without cufflinks. A wedding is exactly the kind of festive and formal occasion where a pair of good cufflinks is not only an addition, but where the groom's suit looks unfinished without this essential accessory. Profuomo has a special collection for the groom. Here you'll find not only wedding shirts and braces, but also a range of special cufflinks for the groom, his friends and witnesses. Check out the 'Wedding' category for the full range