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Timeless Comfort

At Profuomo, sustainability is an integral part of our company - as we create Timeless Comfort - in a conscious way. As a third generation family business, we are aware of our responsibility towards generations to come. That is why we take great care over our production methods ensuring that we show the greatest respect for people and planet. Watch the video or read the story below to find out how exactly we’re doing that.



We’ll start with people. They’re our most important asset and why we joined Amfori. Through regular checks, independent auditors check that people in our factories have the right to a fair pay, health and safety and decent working hours. Our future goal is to close the gap between minimum and living wages.

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Better cotton

Profuomo is a proud member of Better Cotton. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of mass balance and is not physically traceable to end products. Profuomo is committed to source 100% of our cotton as Better Cotton by 2025.

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Restricted Substances List

Together with our suppliers we work with a Restricted Substances List, that’s in line with EU-law and beyond, to minimise the use of chemicals.


Slow transport

We’re very conscious that transport is responsible for a large part of our impact on the environment. It’s why we endeavor to use more production locations closer to home. Together with using ‘slow transport’ such as boats or trains. In relation to our B2C transport, we offer a last mile experience that is carbon neutral.



The packing material that we use in our transport comes from FSC-certified carton. When we use plastics, it is pvc free and recyclable.

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Animal welfare

Animals provide us with the finest material for our comfortable products. We would like the animals to have a comfortable life as well. That’s why we only use merino wool and down feathers that come from farmers who take good care of their animals. We’re proud that all of our merino knitwear is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard. And all our down is certified by the Responsible Down Standard.


Future goals

To finish up, by 2025 we aim to ensure that 100% of our most important materials: cotton, wool & leather will be certified as sustainably sourced. We value transparency, so if you want to know more about our sustainability journey, check the roadmap and our yearly sustainability report.

Go to roadmap & MVO report



All the certificates are clearly shown and explained when you purchase a Profuomo garment online or in store. With these labels you can rest assured you have a sustainable product in your hands. The certificates can only be used by brands like us who are regularly checked by independent audit teams. So with all this in mind, please enjoy our products of timeless comfort.