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The most commonly worn item of clothing for men is trousers. Trousers can be found in different styles such as shorts, sweatpantschinos and jeans. These trousers can be worn to different occasions such as work or home. You can find trousers in different colours, patterns and materials. Profuomo has a large collection of trousers that are suitable for the man who loves timeless comfort and style. The collection of Profuomo trousers consists of different styles such as chino trouserssportcord trousersjeans and sweatpants.

Classic chino’s and sportcord trousers

The collection of Profuomo trousers includes a number of neat trousers such as a chino and sport-cord trousers. The chino is a sporty trousers that can be worn both casually and professionally, because the chinos are made of fine and light fabrics. The chinos have a slight stretch for ultimate comfort. The chinos are available in the neutral colours beige, blue, grey and green. Because of these colours, the chinos of Profuomo can be stylishly combined with the jumpers and shirts of Profuomo. Besides chinos, Profuomo also has a number of sport cord trousers in the collection. The sportcord trousers are different from the chino trousers because these trousers have a sport cord in the trousers. The sport cord makes sure that the trousers are as comfortable as sweatpants, but because the trousers still have the look of a pair of trousers, they remain stylish as well. The sport cord trousers are made of the finest cotton and wool from Italy. Some of the Sportcord trousers have the Better Cotton Initiative label. The Better Cotton Initiative exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.


Profuomo has a small collection of jeans in the colours grey, white and blue. The jeans are made with Profuomo's latest innovation: detox denim. This programme stands for a new sustainable generation of jeans. The textile treatment used to make these jeans uses 80% less water, 50% less energy and 30% fewer chemicals than the industry standard. The jeans can be worn casually with Profuomo trainers and overshirts. The jeans can also be worn to work if you combine it a little neater with for example a classic shirt or jumper by Profuomo. Profuomo jeans are slim fit so they fit the body of the man.


Sweatpants have become a trend in recent years, as in addition to stylish items, men are increasingly in need of comfortable items to wear during leisure time. Sweatpants can be worn to sporting activities but also at home as loungewear. The trousers collection of Profuomo includes a number of comfortable sweatpants in the neutral colours beige and grey. The sweatpants by Profuomo can be worn with the hoodies from the sport collection of Profuomo.


In the summer, shorts are an essential garment for men. The trousers collection of Profuomo includes a number of shorts in different colours. Profuomo has stylish and comfortable shorts that can be worn to every summer occasion. Profuomo shorts are summery and can be combined with polos and trainers.