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Pocket squares (28)

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Pocket square

The pocket square is a popular menswear accessory. It consists of a square piece of fabric made from silk, and in some cases, other materials such as cotton. The pocket square is worn in the breast pocket of the jacket. In the past, a pocket square, also known as a pocket handkerchief, was only worn with formal wear such as a smoking. According to the dress code, the pocket square had to be white. Nowadays, there are also many other patterned ones. The handkerchief has become a stylish fashion item that can be found in all sorts of colours. The pocket square embellishes your outfit and makes you stand out as a well-dressed man. Before you choose for a pocket square you make sure that you have put together the complete outfit. On the basis of the chosen outfit you look for a matching pocket handkerchief.

Profuomo pocket square

Profuomo's pocket squares are available in many different colours and prints so that there is a suitable item for every outfit. For example, the collection of pocket squares consists of several styles with solid colours such as blue, white and indigo or variants with a floral or graphic print. The pocket squares are mainly made of silk or satin for a luxurious look.

How to wear a pocket square?

The pocket square is usually tucked loosely into the breast pocket. Although the coloured ones in particular are meant to stick out of the pocket nonchalantly, there is usually some effort involved before they are perfectly shaped. A white pocket handkerchief can also be folded tightly to reveal a small white stripe above the breast pocket.