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Overshirts (17)

€ 103 - € 220
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The overshirt

The overshirt is the perfect solution for those who prefer not to wear a jacket but still want something more than a shirt or a sweater. It is a jacket and shirt in one. The overshirt is a growing trend in men’s fashion. It can be worn casually but also to the office. It completes any look and can be combined for every season. For the summer, there are overshirts made of warmer materials such as wool.

Profuomo overshirts

Profuomo has a wide range of overshirts in different styles and materials. The checked overshirts are perfect for a more casual look. Combine the checked with a nice round neck jumper or turtleneck for a cleaner casual look. The flannel overshirts, made of wool, has a cleaner look and are perfect for the office or a business meeting and can be combined nicely with the sport cord trousers. The corduroy overshirts are also casual and very comfortable because of the soft collar and fabric.


The cotton overshirts have a BCI label. The aim of the Better Cotton Initiative is to convert ordinary cotton into more sustainably grown cotton. It is a joint effort between farmers, weavers, brands, retailers and social organisations to improve cotton production worldwide; for the people producing it, for the environment and for the future of the industry.