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Cardigans (10)

€ 99 - € 230
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The cardigan is a recurring item in all our seasonal collections. Because of the zip- or button closure, a men's cardigan is not only stylish, but also functional to have in your wardrobe. This item can be worn all year round. Knitted cardigans are ideal for cold winter days and comfortable thin cotton cardigans for spring days and chilly summer evenings. For the sporty types, cardigans are ideal for sports because of the comfort and easy opening of the zip. Cardigans can be stylishly combined with a nice basic T-shirt and denim jeans for a more casual look. Combine the cardigan with a shirt and chinos for a stylish look for the office or a more formal occasion.

Profuomo cardigans

The knitwear collection of Profuomo consists of jumpers and a number of fine cardigans. Profuomo is known for its beautiful quality basic men's cardigans with zip or button closure. The zips of our cardigans are two way zips that provide extra comfort. Most stylish Profuomo cardigans are made of cotton or high quality silk blend. These materials are real summer materials because of the light fabric. The Profuomo cardigan collection also includes a number of warm cardigans made of merino wool. The merino wool provides ultimate comfort by the softness and warmth. Combine the cardigan with a good basic T-shirt or shirt for the perfect layered look. The collection also contains a number of padded cardigans, these cardigans are a mix between a jacket and a cardigan. The perfect in between item for the summer and easy to combine with sport shorts and a pair of trainers The cardigans of Profuomo are available in different colours like grey, navy and green.

Sustainable cardigans

Most of Profuomo's cardigans are sustainably produced or help to make the industry more sustainable. A number of the cardigans carry the Mulesing Free Wool and Better Cotton Initiative label. Products with the Mulesing Free Wool label are made from Mulesing Free Wool, an animal-friendly way of obtaining wool that does not involve mulesing. The Better Cotton Initiative label exists to improve global cotton production for both the people who produce it and the environment in which it grows, and for the industry's better future.