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Sport (15)

€ 49 - € 80
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Mix and match

Looking for sportswear for home and outside? Profuomo has a fine casual sport collection that can be worn casual and sporty. The sportswear is suitable for casual wear but also to business appointments or the office. The Profuomo sport capsule is easy to combine with other items from our collection; namely a neat sportcord trouser, overshirt and as finishing touch neat sporty sneakers by Profuomo. The sportswear of Profuomo is also ideal for the cold autumn and winter. The fabrics are on the inside brushed, making it ideal items for the colder months.

Timeless comfort

Comfort is definitely a trend lately. The mix of casual and dressier items is a perfect example. Think of wearing hoodies and sweatpants combined with a nice dressy jacket or coat. This style can be worn during the week as well as at the weekend as it is also very comfortable. An ideal style for men who like comfort but still want to look good. An added bonus is that this capsule is made of fine and sustainable materials, according to the BCI. The aim of the Better Cotton Initiative is to convert ordinary cotton into more sustainably grown cotton. It is a joint effort between farmers, weavers, brands, retailers and social organisations to improve cotton production worldwide; for the people producing it, for the environment and for the future of the industry.

The sport collection

The sport collection of Profuomo includes several comfortable items such as; matching sweaters with and without hood, sweatpants, long sleeve polos and t-shirts. The sport collection items combine well with the other clothing of Profuomo. For the cold weather, the sport items are perfect to wear as layers. Combine a long sleeve polo under a sweater for more warmth and a comfortable outfit. This capsule shows that timeless comfort is the new way to dress.